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Author, historian and expert speaker Jan Cleere writes extensively about the desert southwest, particularly the people who first settled the territory. Her freelance work appears in national and regional publications.

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The Arizona Daily Star is publishing a series of articles written by Tucson author and historian Jan Cleere, recognizing Arizona women who made their mark in the early history of the territory and the state. Some of them confronted extraordinary circumstances while others were known for their adventuresome spirits, all seeking new frontiers to explore, enrich and conquer. The articles will appear the first Saturday of each month and can be accessed at azstarnet.com.

January 3, 2015:   

Maria Luisa Legarra Urquides

“I was born on a cold winter night by the light of an oil lamp. A curandera was in attendance, and my aunt . . . was accompanying my mother at my birth. She said I was born with a strange veil over my face. The curandera said this meant I would be able to tell the future.”  Read more . . . 

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Outlaw Tales of Arizona:
True Stories of the Grand Canyon State’s Most Infamous Crooks,
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Discover even more massacres, mayhem, and mischief as the 2nd Edition of Outlaw Tales of Arizona expands to include three additional chapters on some of the state’s more notorious citizens. Meet John Ringo whose mysterious death still raises eyebrows among learned historians. Diminutive Cecil Creswell was feared by even the most hardened cowboy if he crossed paths with the lady cattle rustler. Explore the dark, foreboding, cavernous cells of Yuma Territorial Prison during its heyday in the early 1900s. Bedlam ran amok during the late 1800s in Arizona Territory when the law and the lawless were often in cahoots and no one was safe from the whim of a gun-slinging desperado.


 "I write about the people, legends, and tales of the old west that I have uncovered among tattered documents, tear-stained journals and diaries, and the accounts told by old-timers. I hope my historic biographies will entertain, amuse, and astound you just as they did me when I uncovered these
remarkable histories."

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